Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tred?

Tred is a first of its kind at home test driving and buying service. With Tred, you test drive at your doorstep and on your roads. You can test as many cars as you want, and up to two at once. You get the guaranteed lowest pricing and expert trade in support through our highly specialized knowledge of manufacturer and dealer incentive programs and pricing tactics. When you’ve settled on the right car, and the right deal, you can buy with confidence, and you can be in and out of the dealership quickly.

How does Tred work?

Online or by phone, you can arrange to test drive new vehicles at your home or office. Cars are delivered at the time of your choosing, allowing you to test how the cars handle your commute, how they manage your car seats and cargo, and how they fit in your driveway or garage. We encourage you to test drive as many cars as you’d like, and to consider your options carefully. After test driving, you will receive Tred’s expert price negotiation for both new car pricing and your trade in, and your offers will be backed by the Tred Price Guarantee. Once you’ve decided on the right car and the right offer, our dealer partners will get you in and out of the showroom quickly.

No trucking to the dealership, no haggling over price and no unsolicited sales calls or spammy emails. Just an easier way to buy a car at the best possible price.


Why do car shoppers love Tred?

Tred saves your time and money by making it fun and easy to (1) test drive, (2) get the best price, and (3) buy.

Test Driving:

Tred lets you test drive at your doorstep in a convenient and stress-free environment that enables you to make the right purchase decision for yourself and your family. Test as many cars as you’d like, and up to two at once.

Getting the Best Price:

You will secure rock-bottom pricing and expert trade in support, as well as can get all of your questions answered, without stepping foot in a showroom.


Tred gives you confidence that you’re getting the right car at the right price. When you know what you want and what you’ll pay before visiting the dealership, you’ll be in and out of the showroom quickly.


How much money will Tred save me?

The average Tred shopper saves $3,000 off of MSRP. By leveraging our knowledge of pricing dynamics and by pre-qualifying our shoppers, we’re able to secure rock-bottom offers. And don’t forget, we offer the Tred Price Guarantee.

How does Tred’s car price guarantee work?

If you find a price for a car with the same trim that our dealer partners can’t beat, then Tred will mail you a check for $1,000.

How much time will Tred save me?

People with busy schedules really value their time and hard-earned money. So, we set out to make better use of both throughout the entire process of buying a new car. Not only does Tred remove the need to visit the dealership before buying a car, it also removes face to face pricing negotiations. In fact, we reduce the average time spent visiting dealerships by 12 hours – which is the average time a car shopper spends at car dealerships when buying a car.

Whether it’s helping remove the hassle for parents worried about an impatient toddler on the showroom floor, or eliminating anxiety for someone who dislikes negotiating a sales price, Tred delivers a more convenient and cost effective way to try, price and buy.

How long are test drives?

Tred test drives aren’t just around the block (like they are at the dealership). Typical Tred test drives last 30 minutes, and the typical Tred delivery from start to finish lasts approximately one hour.

What happens after a test drive?

After a test drive, you may choose to engage an offer regarding the car you tested or test drive another car.

You will receive offers and have the opportunity to get all of your questions answered. If you choose to test drive another car, we’ll bring it out when and where you want us to.

What happens when I am ready to buy a car?

You will make an appointment with your Tred representative at a partner dealership, and she will get you in and out of the showroom in a flash. When you know the precise car and deal you want before visiting the showroom, the process of purchasing is turbocharged.

Does Tred offer a money back guarantee?

Yes. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your Tred experience, for any reason, we’ll issue you a 100% refund.

What are Tred’s delivery hours?

We deliver Monday through Friday from 9:30am to 5:30pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 5pm.

Does Tred deliver used cars?

We are in the process of adding Certified Pre Owned inventory to our lineup. If you find a used car at a franchise dealer lot that you’d like to test drive, give us a call and we’ll be happy to arrange a delivery.

Does Tred have user requirements?

Yes, to schedule a test drive through Tred you must be at least 20 years in age, and you must have a valid driver’s license and automobile insurance. Your automobile insurance is handled the same way it would be if you were to test drive at the dealership.

Appointment cancellation policy

We need at least two hours of notice to cancel your test drive. If you cancel within two hours, we reserve the right to charge a $50 cancellation fee on a case by case basis.